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Adult Drug Court Programs

Adult Drug Court Programs are established to break the inter-generational cycle of addiction in Grant, Luna, and Hidalgo Counties.

The programs mission is to bring the substance-addicted offender to accept, and practice responsible behavior, thereby increasing public safety. The program is designed to break this cycle by engaging the offender in a cost effective, judicially supervised substance abuse treatment program through, integrated approach utilizing community services, treatment services, and use of innovative Case Management.

The Adult Drug Court Program has four phases, each of which consists of four months. It is a 24-month program that may be extended beyond the 24-month period based on individual circumstances.  A treatment component, curfew, random urinalysis testing, as well as other aspects that are established in order to develop an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle.  The program is designed for an individual to progress in each phase with guidance and treatment towards a successful graduation from the program.

Program Goals

  • The Program will strive to reduce recidivism in crimes related to substance abuse.
  • The Program will be a viable alternative sentencing option for the Court. 
  • The Program will assist clientele to develop a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.
  • The Program will provide a highly structured program developed to address substance abuse, and ensure accountability to the community

The Sixth Judicial District Adult Drug Court Programs strive to serve as an alternative sentencing component, as well as to reduce recidivism rates in crimes involving substance abuse and to ensure accountability in the community. It is a graduated system with incentives and sanctions and weekly meetings with the judges.

Contact Information

Grant County Adult Drug Court Program

Program Manager
Edward Santa Maria
Phone: 575-538-3250, ext. 4015

​Administrative Assistant I
Sylvia Zapata
Phone: 575-538-3250, ext. 4015

Pretrial Services Officer 1
Phone: 575-538-3250, ext. 4026

Honorable Judge James B. Foy

GCADC Office Hours
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Luna County Adult Drug Court Program

Program Manager
Bobby D. Brookhouser
Phone: 575-546-9611, ext. 5

Administrative Assistant 1
Rosemary Chavira
Phone: 575-546-9611, ext. 5

Court Probation Officer 1
Ruben Chavira
Phone: 575-546-9611, ext. 5

Honorable Judge Jennifer E. DeLaney

LCADC Office Hours
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m-5 p.m.

Hidalgo County Adult Drug Court Program

Program Manager
Edward Santa Maria

Court Probation Officer 1
Kelly Clark
Phone: 575-542-3411, ext. 4

Honorable Judge Jarod K. Hofacket

HCADC Office Hours
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9-12 p.m.