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Sixth Judicial District Court


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Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities in the 6th Judicial District Court can be found at the link below when positions become vacant.


The Job Application Form or Resume Supplemental Form can also be found on the link shown above.  

Contract Opportunities

Available opportunities would be listed here.

Please remember when submitting a Job Application Form or Resume Supplemental Form:

  • Application form must be typed or printed legibly using black or blue ink.
  • An application: will be accepted only for current advertised vacancies; must be submitted for each advertised vacancy applied for; in order to be considered, must be received by the closing date and time posted in the advertisement.
  • Give complete employment information on application. Attach additional sheets if necessary.
  • Dates of employment must show both the month and year.
  • Any diplomas, certificates and/or licenses required for the position must be attached.
  • The completion of this application represents your ability to follow directions and provide written communication.
  • An incomplete application and/or lack of appropriate education, licensure or training attachments required for the vacant position will disqualify the applicant.
  • Incomplete or illegible applications will not be processed.
  • Use exact New Mexico Judicial Branch job title from the vacancy announcement.
  • Sign and date the application and keep a copy for yourself.
  • Return completed application to the Judicial entity to which you are applying as specified in the position announcement.

Use this application to demonstrate how your education, training, and experience are relevant to the requirements of the job for which you are applying.

The 6th Judicial District Court is an Equal Opportunity Employer.