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Sixth Judicial District Court

Tribunal del Sexto Distrito Judicial

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Legal Advice

Court staff, judges, and special masters cannot give you any legal advice.

Your first choice should be to hire an attorney. There is good reason for anyone seeking legal remedies to hire an attorney. This is especially important for those of you who have been married a long time, have children, have significant property (land or retirement plans), or have significant debts.

Scheduled Hearings

The Sixth Judicial District Court has courthouses in Grant, Hidalgo, and Luna Counties. Be sure to check the notice carefully for the time and location of your hearing. Allow yourself adequate travel time to appear fifteen minutes before your hearing time.

Matters before the Court are often scheduled on a "trailing docket," which means a number of cases are set for hearing at the same time. The Court will deal with each case one at a time. You may have to be in Court for several hours, please be sure to make arrangements to do so.

It is important to appear at all scheduled hearings. If you are requesting relief and you do not appear, your case may be dismissed. If the other party is asking for relief and you do not appear, they will normally get the relief they are asking for. You may permanently lose your opportunity to be heard on the issue.

During the proceedings, you will be speaking to the judge or hearing officer. Do not speak to or interrupt the opposing party or witnesses. You will be given a chance to be heard and must wait your turn to speak.

Bring at least three copies of any exhibits or documents you intend to offer into evidence at your hearing.

Children are not allowed in the courtroom unless they are called as witnesses. You should make child care arrangements for the time you will be in Court.

Family members attending your hearing cannot participate in the hearing unless they are called as witnesses.

Telephonic appearances are allowed only if requested in writing for good cause, and approved by the Court in advance of the hearing. It is best to be present in person.

Speaking to the Court

Do not attempt to speak privately to the judges or special masters about your case. They may only speak to you when both sides are present or given a chance to appear at a hearing.

Service Animals

Service animals are allowed in the Courtroom.