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Court Filing Fees & Costs

The cost for filing new cases with the Court are as follows:

  • Civil (with the exception of Appeals, Uniform Arbitration Acts, Writs, Adoptions, Commitments, Student Loans, Driver’s License, Election, and Tax cases), Civil Restraining Orders, Name Changes, Sequestered, Juvenile and Criminal.
    • $132.00
  • Uniform Arbitration Acts, Writs, Adoptions, Commitments, Student Loans, Driver’s License, Election, Tax, Adoption, and Probate Cases.
    • $132.00
  • New and Reopened Domestic Cases.
    • $137.00
  • Magistrate Criminal Appeal Cases.
    • $35.00
  • Municipal Appeal Cases.
    • $20.00
  • Administrative and Other Appeals not separately listed.
    • $132.00
  • Jury Demands (6 person).
    • $150.00
  • Jury Demands (12 person).
    • $300.00

Costs for other basic services are as follows:

  • Tape/CD Duplication
    • $4.00/Tape/CD
  • Photocopies
    • $.35/Page
  • Certification
    • $1.50/Each

Personal checks are not accepted. Acceptable forms of payment are: cash, cashier’s checks, or money orders made payable to Sixth Judicial District Court.  Credit cards are not accepted.

By order, the Court may grant free process or fee reduction to any party upon showing of indigency. To download an Application for Free Process, click on the General Forms in the County that you reside in.